Star Wars Wednesday - Allies, Adversaries, and...others

Fantasy Flight Games announced Allies and Adversaries for the Star Wars RPG, which I worked on along with several others. Completely unrelated news from EA this week has brought some interesting comments from Gary Whitta.

Fantasy Flight Games announced Allies and Adversaries, a NPC sourcebook for all three Star Wars RPG game lines. It features more than 130 NPCs with stories and stats. It ranges from well-known movie characters all the way through to less glamorous characters that are still vital to a wide variety of adventures. Even if you don't want to include specific named characters in your games, they’re great starting points for creating new NPCs for your own campaign. I’m one of the writers.

FFG also posted a new preview of Android: The Shadow of the Beanstalk for the Genesys RPG, another book I worked on. This preview covers some of the netrunning aspects of the setting.

In an example of Star Wars showing up in unexpected places, I wend to an Eric Johnson concert last week, and was surprised to find the Emperor is apparently a fan, or maybe at least a roadie…


And finally, EA cancelled another Star Wars game, prompting some commentary from Gary Whitta. I’ve followed Gary a bit from his days as the editor at PC Gamer, and was fascinated when his movie screenplay career took him to Rogue One. Gary always has an opinion, and this is an area where his careers intersect. I’ve never seen this particular youtube show before, so I skipped the long winded set up. Rewind it if you need more information.