Star Wars Wendesday - Bases and Beanstalks

I made an appearance on the Order 66 podcast this week. I also have a few comments about a reprint, and a Genesys RPG release is getting close….

I should have mentioned last week that this was upcoming, but I was on the Order 66 podcast for the first time in quite a while a few days ago. Episode 119, discussing the use of Star Wars RPG bases, homesteads, ships, and other locations the PCs use as a home base. We talked about how to use them in campaigns, mostly from a story standpoint. You can listen to the episode here.

Several Fantasy Flight Games titles switched from “On the Boat” to “Shipping Now” this week. Notably for me, it includes another reprint of my Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim adventure. I find that amazing, given that it originally was released at GenCon 2013, so over 5 years ago. I think it is my longest running in-print RPG book (not counting Edge itself, of course), and shows how well the system has done over the years.

Speaking of releases, Genesys RPG : Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk sci-fi campaign setting was on the shipping list. It absolutely should be seen in stores soon, given that several contributors have already received it. I’ll talk more about it once it is officially in stores, and there could be a few things Star Wars GMs might like to look at as well. The latest preview is here.