Star Wars Wednesday - WEG Boxes and Fleet Battles

This week brings an unexpected behind-the-scenes West End Games story, new Armada play options, and a couple of extra items.

Former West End Games Star Wars Adventure Journal editor Peter Schweighofer periodically talks about his days at the company along with other game design related topics on his website Hobby Games Recce. This time, his story shows just how small most tabletop game companies are and have been over the years. He recounts the process of assembling box sets, a task which fell even to editors and artists on staff. I remember hearing a few stories about this from others that worked there, but nothing specific. He also shows a picture of the exterior, which I do remember from my single trip there in 1995.

Despite appearances, the building was unique in that it housed the game company, the warehouse, and the shoe company that has always been one of the oddest parts of the West End Games story. I did make a trip into the warehouse, as I was allowed to go through the “scuff pile” and pick out a few books that I needed for my work/collection. The scuff pile consisted of books that were returned for various reasons, and usually had some sort of damage to them, hence the name. I got a few books that I needed, and tried to take advantage of the opportunity to snag another copy of the The Star Wars Roleplaying Game Second Edition. That didn't work out so well, as after I got home I discovered the reason that copy was in the pile was because it had been assembled incorrectly and repeated several chapters.

Also, box set assembly hasn't gone away for small companies, especially in these days of Kickstarter.

Moving on to more recent news, Fantasy Flight Games announced the new Sector Fleet Rules for Star Wars Armada. It allows for battles up to eight players. It also features but does not require the upcoming ridiculously huge Executor Star Dreadnought. announced a collection of upcoming books and comics featuring the new Disney Star Wars land opening soon.

As Android Shadows the Beanstalk for the Genesys RPG release creeps ever closer, Fantasy Flight as included a couple of live streams of the game on its YouTube and Twitch channels. You can find the character creation episode below, and tune in for a one shot using them on February 7.