Star Wars Wednesday - Collapse and Rise

New Star Wars RPG info from FFG. New Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker images and behind the scenes video. Solo wins a music award.

Today saw the Vanity Fair release of new The Rise of Skywalker images, a lengthy article, and a short video, which are excellent and worth checking out. Not much in the way of obvious major spoilers, for those concerned.

I was happy to hear that Solo music composer John Powell won the IFMCA Award for Score of the Year. It’s a light and fun soundtrack, and a good one to write RPG material to.

Fantasy Flight has started posting previews of the upcoming Collapse of the Republic, the second Clone Wars era book for the RPG. I worked on it, but so far, the previews haven’t covered my material. The first covers Death Watch and the Mandalorians. The second gets into player character options and details.

FFG also announced the new Gadgets and Gear book for the RPGs. I didn’t work on this one, but wasn’t surprised to hear of it after seeing the endpapers of Allies and Adversaries.

Both of my most recent releases are now available in stores - the aforementioned Allies and Adversaries, and Rise of the Separatists. I’ll cover them in a little more detail in future posts.

Beyond Star Wars RPGs, DriveThruRPG is having a huge May D&D sale which includes my DMs Guild items. You can find links to them via my Storefront page (links are affiliate links, so I get a very small amount of additional money for those who purchase through the links).