Star Wars Wednesday - Collapse of the Blog Entry

So, I knew I was busy over the past month…or more…but I didn’t realize I somehow missed all of June…. Anyway, as punishment, the platform just cleared my entire blog entry thanks to an errant key press…I guess. So, here’s it is again…probably shorter….

First, red stormtroopers…Sith trooers…in The Rise of Skywalker. I’m surprised it took this long.

Fantasy Flight Games has started releasing previews of Gadgets and Gear. I didn’t work on this one, but also wasn’t surprised by its announcement after seeing the end papers of Allies and Adversaries.

I did work on Collapse of the Republic, which is now available. I wrote most of the planets section. Each includes a small adventure which is always fun to create. I also got another crack at Dathomir, so anyone running Ghosts of Dathomir may find this entry useful. I really like the iconic careers included in both books and the interesting talent trees. Jedi, clones, Nightsisters, Death Watch, and more. Clones really can destroy droids. i didn’t work on the careers, but I did try them out this past weekend in a new adventure I wrote for Kantcon. It will make future appearances (with some revisions….).

Speaking of cons, Gen Con is next week. As usual, there is an FFG RPG room with Star Wars, Genesys, and L5R. Also as usual, it’s probably sold out. Don’t let that stop you if interested in playing. There are often no shows and extra seats available, just bring some generic tickets.