Power Play - Now Available for Android on the New Genesys Foundry

Tonight at Gen Con, Fantasy Fight Games announced Genesys Foundry, a new community content program for the Genesys RPG available on DriveThruRPG.com. Genesys Foundry features products, adventures, settings, and more for use with Genesys itself, as well as the campaign settings of Android Shadow of the Beanstalk (sci-fi), and Realms of Terrinoth (fantasy). Products are distributed primarily in PDF format.

Power Play is my second Genesys Foundry product, and I'm happy to have been asked to participate in the initial offerings. Power Play is a mini-campaign for the Android Shadow of the Beanstalk sci-fi setting. It takes place in locations within Heinlein, the major colony on the Moon. Heinlein also happens to be one of the areas I helped develop for Android Shadow of the Beanstalk, so it was fun to develop a new campaign for it.

Here's the back cover copy, with more information:

Mysterious cybernetic malfunctions are attracting unwanted attention to 8CMod, an advanced, thriving lunar black market cybernetics clinic. 8CMod is more than a problematic unlicensed medical practice, however. Investigators soon try to unravel a web of organized crime, corporate corruption, and ambitious individuals out to seize control of one of Heinlein's standout companies.

This Android mini-campaign gives Player Characters the opportunity to manipulate the future of a specialized organized crime syndicate and an important lunar corporation. Do they expose dirty deals or maximize advantages over them? Do they play the part of kingmaker, or try to seize power and wealth for themselves? No matter their choices, they gain new enemies and allies before things are through.

This mini-campaign is suitable for 4 to 6 moderately experienced Player Characters of a variety of archetypes. It includes new locations to visit, new NPCs, new computer systems to hack, and multiple ways for the PCs to make their own Power Play.