Instant Adversaries - Now Available on the New Genesys Foundry


Tonight at Gen Con, Fantasy Fight Games announced Genesys Foundry, a new community content program for the Genesys RPG available on Genesys Foundry features products, adventures, settings, and more for use with Genesys itself, as well as the campaign settings of Android Shadow of the Beanstalk (sci-fi), and Realms of Terrinoth (fantasy). Products are distributed in PDF format.

Instant Adversaries is my first Genesys Foundry product, and I'm happy to have been asked to participate in the initial offerings. It's an accessory that helps game masters quickly create customized adversaries at the table, with minimal effort, by picking a few key items off the page, and customizing where needed. There are similar options for creating all kinds of vehicles.

This product isn't meant to replace or generate primary NPCs for a campaign, but to give the GM a tool to quickly create NPCs needed unexpectedly. I often try to use and modify pregenerated NPCs from books or adventurs on the fly, but I always seem to need to tweak a characteristic, add a skill, or swap equipment. I inevitably forget the exact changes sometime during the encounter. Instant Adversaries allows me to create what I need, and provides a handy reference throughout the encounter. Here's the back cover copy, which explains in a bit more detail:

Create basic adversaries right when you need them. Instant Adversaries provides a quick and easy way to generate stats for NPCs and vehicles on the fly.

  • Pick the prime characteristic for the NPC.

  • Choose from a list of stats built around that characteristic, alter the list, or choose your own.

  • Select a list of skills for general character types, or customize as needed.

  • Pick a talent or two from a basic list.

  • Quickly generate stats for soak, wound threshold, strain threshold, and defense.

  • Create minions, rivals, and/or nemesis NPCs.

Generate basic vehicle and weapons stats.

  • Pick a vehicle type: ground, air, water, space or exotic.

  • Chose a specific civilian or military vehicle from the list. Alter specific stats as needed.

  • Select the attached vehicle weapons, if any.