Genesys RPG Gen Con Announcements

Fantasy Flight Games made a number of Genesys roleplaying game announcements at the FFG Inflight report on Wednesday night at Gen Con 2019, most of which I have had some involvement with. The announcement had a technical glitch with the video, but it was taken care of fairly quickly. The entire Inflight Report (covering all of FFG’s announcements) was streamed and can be watched on FFG’s YouTube channel.

First is the Expanded Players Guide. It features a range of new material suitable for most any setting. It has three new example settings, a guide to creating new settings, vehicle rules, adversary creation rules, new spells, talents, and more. I worked on this product.

Next is the Game Master’s Screen, which is pretty straight forward, usable with any setting.

FFG has a preview article covering both products.

Next was a brief announcement that Keyforge will be a new setting for Genesys, based on FFG’s popular card game. I worked on this one as well. The setting is wild and weird and a lot of fun.

And finally, FFG announced the Genesys Foundry, a new community content program on DriveThruRPG for the Genesys RPG. As noted previously on this site, I was one of a handful of FFG freelancers and other associates to get the opportunity to create brand new material of my own for the launch. There is a variety of material available, including accessories, adventures for existing settings, new settings, and rules expansions. I produced Instant Adversaries, which has already become a Copper Best Seller, usable with all systems, and Power Play, an Android Mini-Campaign.

As with other community content programs, anyone can participate and potentially earn money from the program. There rules to adhere to and FFG provides an InDesign template and art assets that cover general use as well as the Android and Realms of Terrinoth settings. Note that the program’s legal documentation/agreements has been undergoing some corrections and also some updates in response to community comments.