Star Wars Wednesday - Gen Con 2019

Last week was Gen Con, along with Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars announcements.

First, there were no new Star Wars RPG releases or announcements. This has happened in previous years as well, as the annual Inflight Report doesn’t cover all of their upcoming work. This year’s RPG focus was additions to the related Genesys RPG system and the Genesys Foundry community content program (of which I’m a participant if you haven’t seen previous blog posts).

X-Wing and Armada did have announcements. Each features new ships from sources other than the movies, notably the Aftermath novel series and the Star Wars Resistance animated series. The Super Star Destroyer was available for sale ($200).

Legion features new Clone Wars units as well as new classic era units.

In the Q&A, it was noted that the Rebellion board game has no new material planned.

The full Inflight Report is available below and on youtube, and features many other new FFG games including the new Marvel license.

As in past years, I ran Star Wars RPG sessions for Fantasy Flight in their RPG room. The games were well attended, and usually had at least a couple of new players. The adventure, Begun the Clone Wars Have, was an expanded version of my Kamino planet modular adventure from Rise of the Separatists. It was fun to see how different groups approached the complications set forth in the game, and all of the characters were created using careers and specializations form Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic.