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Star Wars Wednesday - Series and Series

And....I'm back. Baseball fans already figured out what happened the past two weeks - the Royals made the World Series. With games each of the past two Wednesdays, and all the ones in between, and several days of travel, and not quite enough writing, something had to give, and it was updating the blog. Sure, I could have tried to put something together last week after the final game...but really, who wants to read whatever it would have been after the final loss, with the tying run stranded at third? 
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Star Wars Wednesday - Rebel Eras

This week, the longest Star Wars Rebels clip yet appeared on Disney XP...XD (yeah, I think I'm going to make that typo regularly). Fortunately, it is also online for those of us who got distracted doing something else at the time. It is said that the show will cover the beginnings of the Rebellion, or something to that effect. Having written the Rebellion history section in FFG's Age of Rebellion and Wizard of the Coasts' Rebellion Era Sourcebook, I'll be watching with interest to see how things go this time around. 
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