Star Wars Wednesday - Solo is Great Fun

Solo released last week, and I had a great time watching it. There is room for all kinds of stories within the Star Wars universe, and this one is a more focused story on characters than obvious galaxy-spanning events. Go see it if you somehow haven't yet. Spoilers ahead.

The movie basically hit the plot points one would likely suspect, at least those known to the typical Star Wars movie audience. Meeting Lando, winning the Falcon, origin stories, meeting Chewbacca and so on. The wide ranging in-universe references were great for those who might get them, but not so over the top as to confuse or distract others. I picked up a lot, but not all of them, so it will be interesting to fill in the rest over time. I haven't read the various easter egg articles yet, I'd rather figure it out other ways first.

Here are some hints in a twitter thread by story group member Matt Martin:

I thought the characters were strong, and the casting was excellent. It was fun to see Han and Chewie eventually doing their thing. It was a heist movie, so part of the entertainment is the process of setting things up and carrying them out - and seeing how they succeed in the end. It showed the characters succeeding by using what they are known to do best, and it's fun to see that. Han flying, Chewie's feats of strength, Lando's charm and style, and so on.

After the heavier drama of Rogue One, it was good to have a lighter tone to change things up. I presume we'll eventually hear more about the reasons for the change in directors. I'm probably more interested in knowing what was reshot or altered, from a storytelling standpoint rather than the drama behind the scenes.

The one thing that I was disappointed in was that the music from the trailers wasn't really used in the movie. The movie music was fine, of course, but I was hoping for more of what we had heard so far.

The most unexpected thing for me was the villain reveal at the end, and I'm interested in seeing what they're up to with that. I would not have pegged it for a Han Solo movie connection.

I saw Solo originally at an IMAX theatre, where I see most of the major films. It was the fan event, so we got a pair of replica Solo dice, a couple of buttons, and a cardstock poster. There was also a brief intro from Ron Howard, but it didn't have much content. Actually less than the Avengers Infinity War event a few weeks ago, but better giveaways.

The second showing we took in at a "4D" theater. The movie wasn't in 3D, but the chairs moved like an amusement park ride. There were strobe lights, blasts of air, bursts of mist, and various effects shaking or hitting the chairs. I don't think I'd use it for a first viewing, but it was a fun experience with the right movie.

Fun times all around.