Star Wars Wednesday - A Ton of Saga Stats

Yes, another post on short notice, thanks to some traveling for work this week....fortunately, fellow Star Wars Saga Edition freelancer Robert Wieland posted a link to a Saga Edition great resource...

A file of 200 new NPC stats.

I'll let creator richterbelmont10 tell about them himself, from the post:

My NPC Statblocks are displayed in the style of D&D 4e, which is simple, sexy, and easy-to-read. The statblocks are extended and self-contained, that is, brief explanations of every feat and talent are included so there is no need for the GM to memorize 100 feats and 1000 talents, or go searching through 14 books to see what does what. Feats and talents and powers that can be combined together are explained how to use. Feats and talents have been scoured and combined from all 14 books to create these powerful NPC's.

Don't let the stat block format throw you if you're not familiar with 4e. It's inspired by the format, but will be perfectly clear without prior knowledge, once you look at a few. Actually, it's a bit like what Rodney Thompson was experimenting with his home game (and shared on a thread at wizards), and what I do with pregenerated characters for my convention games.

Speaking of conventions, KC Game Fair is coming up in November. I'll be running a Saga Edition game, which I still need to post. You'll eventually see it at