Star Wars Wednesday - The Old Republic...LAUNCH!

There's only one topic this week for all Star Wars gamers - the actual launch of The Old Republic MMO. The game is up and running...and you're probably already behind the level curve, trying to figure out the game. Unless you were in the beta, of course, which means you're probably slightly ahead, except where you hit the things that changed since beta...

Anyway, most everyone will need help at some point. Fortunately for me, my wife is far enough ahead of me that I can pretty much yell out any question (she plays in another room) and get some kind of helpful answer....assuming she doesn't have the headphones on again. For those who don't have another in-house gamer, and for myself for when she's got the headphones on, I've rounded up a few helpful links for playing the game:

Official Sites

IGN Sites

TOR Launch Coverage - with many helpful links

As for my own experience so far, I'm enjoying the game. I haven't had time to branch out from Jedi Consular yet, but plan to do so over the holidays. I've joined up as planned with The Order of 66 guild, but haven't done much yet.

Back to the game...