Star Wars Wednesday - 2011 End of the Year Grab Bag

With my blog at, I often ended the year with a grab bag post of odds and ends. Here is this year's version....

First, I started this post yesterday, but ended up playing The Old Republic instead, running through my first Flashpoint with a full team of 4. I'm enjoying the game, though it feels a bit odd to be running the exact same storyline with the exact same companion early in the game. It's rather like seeing parallel versions of yourself doing the same tasks somewhat simultaneously. This was most pronounced on the Jedi Consular missions, maybe less so on the smuggler ones so far.

Looking for some fun stats on TOR players? Try this post at Rather surprisingly, the Sith characters have a bit of an advantage in numbers so far.

The Star Wars RPG Saga Edition Online Index has some features you might have overlooked or forgotten about...

Star Wars is coming next year in 3D...the movies are always better on the big screen, so I'll take the opportunity to give 3D a shot.

I'd somehow lost track of the Official Star Wars Blog, but they've had some entertaining posts of late. has a slideshow of official Lucasfilm holiday cards, which are usually clever and entertaining. I was thrilled when I received one in 2009.

I ran across this list of many/most/all changes to the Star Wars movies over the years, though I just scanned through it myself.

I somehow overlooked or forgot about this Robot Viking interview with Owen KC Stephens (d20 Star Wars, Saga Edition designer and freelancer).

So, here's an interesting graphic/schematic of the Imperial Rapid Deployment station I designed for my West End Games book,  Hideouts and Strongholds. This station was one of the more popular items from the book, and reappeared in one of the early d20 supplements.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year, everyone. Looking forward to next year's Star Wars offerings and events.