Star Wars Wednesday - Essential Endnotes

Jason Fry's Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare was recently released. I haven't made it out to the store to pick it up yet, but will in the near future. Jason is now posting endnotes for the volume, which for certain types of fans and professional freelancers, can be highly interesting and informative.

If you are a big fan of the Expanded Universe, and especially interested in continuity, endnotes are always an great resource. They tend to describe interesting facts or how certain details came about. Retcons and continuity discussions are often found within. This is also a place where an author can speak a bit about their own contributions to specific bits of the universe, and why they felt it was important to address.

Daniel Wallace produced endnotes for the New Essential Chronology which I found extremely useful during my run with Saga Edition. He has continued to produce them for later products, like the AtlasJedi Path and the recently released Book of Sith. You can find a lot more at his blog.

I've also produced endnotes for two Saga Books - Rebellion Era Campaign Guide and the Unknown Regions. You can find them here.

Jason and others also discussed Warfare on Facebook today - you can see the recap here.

So, take a look. You'll be surprised at the depths of conversation sometimes needed to untangle a twisted bit of continuity, or the fun people have detailing unexpected bits of the Star Wars universe.