Star Wars Wednesday - April Fun

Another April, another bit of fun. I decided to join in rather late this year, on April 1. I might have done it sooner, but frankly, it sort of snuck up on me, and I didn't get a good idea until the day of. So, it's probably less polished than it might have been, but with limited time, I went with what worked.

So, if you haven't seen what I'm talking about, see the previous post, Old School Star Wars Renissaince. It seems I got a few people, from a few comments I've seen. FYI, Ghostbusters RPG really was the prototypical system for the original Star Wars d6 system, and it really did dispense with weapon ranges and movement rules. Obviously, a lot changed along the way. Another item based on reality - the d20 Open Game License has been used by a few companies to reverse engineer D&D to clones or near clones of earlier editions.

Other Star Wars funny business this week:

Last year's April 1st blog post was a double attack:


The Star Wars news item it appears many wish was an April Fool's joke:

Galactic Dance Off in Star Wars Kinect

How have we NOT had a Death Star Mirror Ball with a green laser?