Star Wars Wednesday - Winter Amusement

As predicted, the last week has indeed resembled Hoth around here, with two major winter storms in 7 days dumping about 16 total inches in my driveway...and around town. That would be 8-9" the first round, 5+" yesterday and about 1-2" this morning. The last major storm I had a bit of fun with some Star Wars Minis in the backyard a bit over two years ago. You can see it here. Frankly, I'm not sure what it says about the state of things, when I could've used that exact same post, word for word today and it would be just as relevant...well, except for that Sam Witwer comment....but if it had been a few weeks ago... Anyway, I won't leave it at that. Here's an array of recent Star Wars things to keep the snowbound amused.

From Fantasy Flight Games this week:

Cartoonist Aaron Williams (Nodwick, PS238, Epic Campain) reveals the hazardous combination of players and Force rules in a Star Wars RPG in this week's Full Frontal Nerdity.

Every so often, I'm reminded about how YouTube can be useful for a wide range of subjects. Well, it turns out, it hosts plenty of examples of play for the Edge of the Empire and X-Wing Minis.

Also, today Wil Wheaton, Felica Day, Tabletop and Geek and Sundry announced the newly-declared International Tabletop Day to be March 30. You can see the announcment here, and the website here. Also, the announcement has the X-Wing Minis game prominently displayed in the background. Wonder if it will show up on an upcoming Tabletop episode. If you haven't checked out the series, it is well worth the time.