Star Wars Wednesday - Mysteries Solved

So, the past week or two have had a few Star Wars mysteries solved. Granted, three weren't ones I was aware of, and the one I wondered about actually wasn't totally solved, just given a different direction...

First things first. If you missed the season finale of The Clone Wars, you should go watch it. Actually, you should watch the entire 4 episode arc, starting here with Sabotage. These used to be up at for a limited time, and I haven't really kept track, so I don't know how long it will be available. However, there is another reason to go watch now and not wait....spoilers are everywhere. If you care about spoilers, stay away from Ashley Eckstein's blog post on the official Star Wars blog and likely anything else lately. I don't want to give anything away, but it does shed some light on the Clone Wars' biggest question since it was announced that Anakin had an apprentice.

The three mysteries that were actually discovered and solved were by Pablo Hidalgo and posted to the blog. They were just the sort of nitpicking mysteries that can occasionaly drive writers crazy...and likely many others in this day of Wookieepedia and the internet. I've run across at least one (minor one) of my own in my years of Star Wars projects...which I'll probably forward to Pablo because he obviously has a ton of spare time. His big advantage, of course, is access to all sorts of stuff the rest of us freelancers can only dream about. If I had a question on something, I could ask it be verified via the Holocron...and that's just since it was created. In the West End Games days, it was down to my own skills and available materials, plus a few occasional questions or flagged details that the editors had to track down or sort out or ask licensing about. At least there were far fewer EU sources to track in those days, and a fair number of details were based on WEG's stuff anyway.

So, Pablo's mysteries are the Fake Wedge, Max Rebo's arms and the Rebel Commando That Wasn't. That last one is a prime example of how something can look like one thing in the still photos....and then be totally different in reality. Wizards of the Coast gets mention there, with the d20 Rebellion Era Sourcebook, which I think was the first d20 book released after the rulebook. The Max Rebo thing is an amazing discovery, and shows the importance of concept art, and not assuming what is on screen tells the whole story.

By the way, those links above go directly to the blog post in question, so don't worry about accidentally hitting some Clone Wars spoilers there.