Star Wars Wednesday - Endings, Obligations & Cons

It has been quite a week for Star Wars. Judging by the surge on this site on Monday, it appears more than a few readers checked in to see if I had anything to say about the cancellation of The Clone Wars. On top of that, there are quite a few other things to discuss...

I was surprised to hear The Clone Wars was cancelled. I figured there would be a 6th season to wrap up a number of story arcs that I won't spoil here. And, as it happens, The Clone Wars isn't quite finished yet, even though it is as a weekly TV series. It will be interesting to see what format they choose. Disney XD channel movie? Straight to Blu-Ray/DVD? Theatrical release? Website? Netflix? Seems like anything could happen. How about network TV via ABC?

Looking back, I probably should have been less surprised. I recall interview bits or comments over the course of the past year that acknowledged or hinted the series was closing in on Episode III and possibly the end of the series. I need to get better at reading the tea leaves, I suppose. Judging by the teaser footage at, it's probably a bit early to pick a favorite episode, but there are plenty to choose from. My wife has decided it's time for me to have the series, so I'm told they're on the way. Now I just need time to watch...

Next, if you haven't read this Bloomberg Businessweek article about the Star Wars acquisition, you should, if for no other reason to see how Pablo Hidalgo and the Holocron were involved in the process. People told me I had a poker face on Edge last year...I've got nothing compared to what Pablo knew through last year and Celebration... Oh, and he even had to weigh in on President Obama's Jedi Mind Meld comment. He really gets around these days.

Moving on...or maybe back...Fantasy Flight Games posted an Edge of the Empire RPG article by Jay Little regarding the much discussed Obligation mechanic. Take a look at the PDF, it has a more detailed chart describing the Obligations than what appeared in the Beta.

FFG also announced their Star Wars Game Experience Weekend, taking place the first weekend in May, at their very own Game Event Center in Minnesota. Novelist (and former WEG d6 freelancer) Troy Denning will be attending, as well as the Star Wars game staff.  Plus an unannounced, long time SWRPG designer is also looking to attend. The event highlights FFG's Star Wars games, and will have a few panels as well. 

Speaking of convention-type events, Planet Comicon, the largest KC comic convention, is expanding in a major way this year. They've moved downtown to Bartle Hall and impressively expanded the guest list. They've had some good Star Wars guests over the years, and this year includes Ray Park and Peter Mayhew and more. Today they announced that Jett Lucas will be attending a con for the first time, which is quite a surprise. Looks like it is just the start of Jett's con rounds this year. I highly recommend this con to any area fans. It has always been good, but the move to Bartle should help with the space problems last year, and be a better setup.

And while on the subject of local cons, a much smaller but well produced local war and board gaming convention is this weekend - Recruits. I mention it here because there will be an X-Wing Miniatures qualifier event on Saturday. [Edit - actually it isn't until April 6, same weekend as Planet Comicon.]

And I could keep going, but may as well save something for next week...Oh wait, don't forget, there was that George Lucas Episode VII casting note in that Bloomberg article above...

Right. Next week.