Star Wars Wednesday - Shows and Cons

Time flies when you're too busy and traveling too much to post. Also, you know your flights are going to have some issues when your ultimate destination's airport evacuates for a tornado warning. No serious issue in the end, just some inconvenience. Among the items taking up time was one of many summer cons I'll be attending in some fashion...and it had a new Star Wars guest...

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Star Wars Wednesday - KCCC and Star Wars Day at the K

This past weekend wrapped up the busiest and most condensed span of conventions I've ever dealt with. It was fun, but hectic. Kantcon followed by GenCon followed by Kansas City Comic Con and wrapping up with Star Wars Day at the K (Kaufman Stadium, home to the Royals MLB team).  I ran three different Star Wars RPG adventures in seven sessions, The Last Parsec twice, and D&D 5e twice (plus one non-convention session). 
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Star Wars Wednesday - Blue Milk

Exciting times around town. The Kansas City Royals are on a fantastic, incredible, and fun streak through the postseason....and as of tonight are American League Champions. Still getting used to that, it's been a long time (as those who watched any part of any of the playoff series would know because it seemed the broadcasters said it about every three minutes). Between that and some writing, I've fallen a bit behind on the Stars Wars front this week...but I have a couple of things.
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