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Star Wars Wednesday - Preview view?

It’s November, which always brings a convention and often an end of the year project or two, and this year is no exception. There usually seems to be one or more previews of upcoming or soon to be released works, and that too is on schedule.

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Star Wars Wednesday - MidAmeriCon II Worldcon 74

It's not every year that the world's most prestigious literary science fiction convention comes to town, so Worldcon was definitely not an event to miss. Then I found out there was a gaming area, so I knew I had to try and participate. Then they announced they were having a Star Wars Day, and I definitely wanted to be involved in some capacity. I went in for pretty much the full Worldcon experience, buying a membership early on and getting in on the Hugo award voting process. 

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Star Wars Wednesday - Game On

OK, so I'm writing this during Game 2 of the World Series, so it will be brief. How so? I started to do this after the 1st inning. It's now the start of the fifth and here we are still at the intro. After Jason Fry's visit a few weeks ago, it has turned out that its the Royals vs Mets, so both of our twitter feeds have more than a little baseball right now. The Royals won last night in an epic 14 inning game. The Mets are up at the moment by one run. Beyond these games, it has been a week for Star Wars gaming as well. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - KCGF 2014

Sorry about yet another short hiatus. Travel, deadlines, cons, work...more or less the usual culprits. Last week was KC Game Fair, which I while I did get out some news about what I'd be running, I didn't get it posted here. Unlike past years, I had very little to do with convention planning this time, but I did sign up to run games almost every slot. Just one of those years I didn't want to leave anything out. 
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Tyranny of Dragons - Drums in the Marsh

This past week, Wizards of the Coast announced the Tyranny of Dragons adventure lineup for the all-new Adventurers League. The Adventurers League is D&D's new organized play for conventions, stores, and more.

There are different types of adventures depending on venue and targeted play style/purpose. There are Epics (kickoff events at major conventions), Encounters (core storyline, in-store), and Expeditions (convention premier, then stores and other conventions). 


My part in this series is the D&D Expeditions adventure DDEX1-7 Drums in the Marsh, set to debut at Archon in St. Louis, MO in October, then open for wider distribution after that, assuming I've understood the plan.    


Here's the official listing:

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