I'd Just as Soon Kiss a Mookiee Podcast Appearance

Last week Jason Fry and Shannon Shark invited me on their Mets and Star Wars podcast called I'd Just as Soon Kiss a Mookiee, just before the Royals-Mets opening day. We talk baseball, stadiums, Royals, Mets, the Star Wars RPGs, Rebels and more. It was a lot of fun. Jason is a Star Wars writer (Atlas, The Weapon of a Jedi, and many more) and blogs about the Mets at Shannon Shark blogs about the Mets at

Since recording the podcast, the Royals defeated the Mets in opener. Jason's blog recap entry is here.



Star Wars Wednesday - Games and More Games

Good news for my non-baseball and/or non-Royals loving twitter followers: my feed should be a dominated by a lot less baseball for awhile. It's been a great postseason and an exhausting few days between the end of the series and yesterday's epic victory parade, for which I had a front row seat. Fortunately, there has been a sudden surge of Star Wars tabletop games news the past few days. First up is the just-announced Star Wars Force and Destiny Nexus of Power sourcebook, of which I'm one of the writers. 
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