Star Wars Wednesday - Reading and Listening

One thing about missing weeks on the blog, there's now so much new Star Wars being released, it's easy to get behind. Not that I try and talk about everything that is released, obviously, but often like to hit the highlights. With the new season of Rebels up and running, new books and new comics recently announced, I look at the growing stack of books on the shelf and think I've got to find some time somewhere to fit some more reading in.

So obviously, instead of reading, I'm doing this. Lots of things can and do cut into my reading time, most notably my job and my freelancing plus whatever else I manage get done at home. There are times that the reading goes hand-in-hand with the freelancing, and that is certainly motivation for getting caught up on occasional specific subjects. The Legacy Era Campaign Guide comes to mind, as a past example.

Actually, comics I tend to read in waves anyway. I don't get to the comic store every week, so they tend to stack up there instead of on the shelf here. My local comic book store can certainly thank Star Wars for keeping me coming in for, um, decades I guess. It doesn't help that Marvel carries multiple lines at a time, one after another. Speaking of, they announced another one today. I haven't paid too much attention, because it's kind of spoilery. 

In fact, aside from keeping aware of books that are coming, I don't get much into details or previews. I would rather just read the final product without knowing too much about it. Of course that and the time factor. 

One thing that I was keeping an eye out for, and missed the actual release date, was the fact that they've now released season two of the Star Wars Rebels soundtrack. You can also finally by season one, which is great. I had been listening to it for free off of composer Kevin Kiner's website, but it wasn't the most convenient thing and it was weird to not be able to buy it until now.

Also, I'll have more details later when I get the events worked out, but I'll be a guest at Midwest Gamefest this year.