Star Wars Wednesday - Day at the K and Hidalgo Interview

Last weekend was Star Wars Day at the K, the second annual Star Wars day at the Royals game. I'm also catching up on a few episodes of The Star Wars Show, and the extended interviews. 

Last year's Star Wars Day at the K was earlier in the season, but this one was no less hot. Always hot for those who show up in costume, but Star Wars garb exceeds just costumes. I saw one guy wearing  full-body fleece wookiee pajamas(?), wearing a Cubs hat, so that was unusual on a couple of fronts. I was late getting tickets this year, so I missed out on the Eric Hosmer X-Wing pilot bobble head. I found out afterwards he hasn't even seen the movies. The day is pretty laid back, to the point that I always seem to expect more than what actually happens. There were costumed characters, some scoreboard graphics, the giveaway, and a Royals mascot take on the Vader playing baseball video that's been around for awhile (see below and replace Vader with Sluggerrr, and the field with the K) The Royals won handily, though I would have traded a few of the runs for use in a couple of the previous games. The Royals are technically still in the hunt for the playoffs, but they're barely alive in the division, and a lot would happen for a wild card spot to open up. After the past couple of years, never say never with this team.

I'm finally catching up on past episodes and interviews of The Star Wars Show. The extended Pablo Hidalgo interview is great and I'd say it's a must-watch for RPG and Rebels fans. I learned a couple of things, and his reference to the 1996 Gen Con was very interesting for me. I remember that year and Sansweet's appearance. Lots of video, a fair amount of humor, and an old clip of dancing stormtroopers in some production in....Italy, I think. It was startling. They did a nice job. It was part of the build up to the Special Edition releases.