Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Nite at the K

Star Wars Day at the K actually fell on Star Wars Day this year, and a Friday at that, so it became Star Wars Nite at the K. Yes, last week was busy, so I'm a week late...

Star Wars Nite at the K was basically the same as it has been the past few years. Bobblehead, Star Wars graphics on the scoreboards, appearances by the 501st & Rebel Legion on the concourses and ceremonial first pitch, and combo Royals/Star Wars shirts and other merchandise. Since it hit a Friday night, we also got Star Wars music to go along with the fireworks after the game. Bonus: the Royals won, which has been all too rare this year, especially at home.

Points for naming the bobble head Sal Solo, combining Royals player catcher Salvador Perez with Thracken Sal-Solo. And, of course, the upcoming Solo movie.  Oops, forgot to mention the double sided Solo movie posters that were also handed out.

Just a Clone Trooper with a buck night hot dog, watching the game.

A Wookiee leads a cheer....just before stumbling backwards down the aisle steps behind him.

Fireworks to various Star Wars soundtrack songs.

Moving along....I have an update to my previous Arboreal Octopus post...maybe it was a joke after all?

Star Wars Force and Destiny Unlimited Power preview at FFG (I did not work on this one).