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Star Wars Wednesday - Shows and Cons

Time flies when you're too busy and traveling too much to post. Also, you know your flights are going to have some issues when your ultimate destination's airport evacuates for a tornado warning. No serious issue in the end, just some inconvenience. Among the items taking up time was one of many summer cons I'll be attending in some fashion...and it had a new Star Wars guest...

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Star Wars Wednesday - Looking Behind the Scenes

Become a big enough fan of something - book, movie, TV series and so on - and eventually, you'll want to know more about how it came to be. Behind the scenes stories become a form of entertainment all their own, both part of and separate from the actual thing they produce. With a big enough property, like Star Wars, behind the scenes info from original or secondary sources becomes extremely useful and even vital to those working on various stories and products.
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Point Blank - SWSE Mass Combat Encounter/Mini Adventure

Wizards of the Coast posted my Saga Edition encounter/mini adventure Point Blank today, mixing regular encounters with the Clone Wars Campaign Guide mass combat rules. Includes new mass combat unit stats one might typically use in a Clone Wars battle.

Additionally, this is the first official game material featuring Brak Sector (the sector I created for my first WEG RPG book) outside of the classic movie era. I've always wanted to expand its history and story, but wasn't certain what was happening in the sectors around it until the Star Wars Atlas was released last year. I built on the information I learned from that book (see Dots on a Map entry) for the backstory of this battle.

Journal Entry - Dots on a Map

FYI, I've started a new journal page for long form posts and commentary here on the site. My first one is called Dots on a Map, and covers some thoughts on the new Star Wars Atlas and how it interacts with my earlier work. Click here or the journal link on the menu bar above. The news page you are now reading will continue to include news, information and shorter comments.

Dots on a Map

One of the astounding things about the new Star Wars Atlas by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry is the sheer number of star systems covered. Over 4,000 star systems and their map coordinates are indexed within the book and updated online at starwars.com. Every one of these systems comes from one or more Star Wars stories, whether from the movies, games, novels, comics or surprisingly remote sources.
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